High-quality instruments are a vital ingredient for high-quality sound results, live and in the studio. That's why the equipment I use is Top of the Line and in best possible shape.

Engineers and producers continuously mention the excellent sound and signal quality of these drums, especially the Brady Bassdrum and the Zildjian Bell Brass Snaredrum.


1960's Vintage Ludwig Jazz drums for Jazz/Big Band/Vintage Sound.


Drumset: Brady Jarrah Custom, white gimlet

Bassdrum: 22"
Tom Toms: 8", 10", 12"
Floor Tom: 14"

14" x 4,75" Zildjian/Noble Cooley Bell Brass Custom
14" x 5,5" Sonor HiLite maple
14" x 5" 1965 Ludwig Vintage Jazz Festival
other snares upon request.

Cymbals: Zildjian A Custom

HiHat: 14" Projection, 12" Mastersound,
Crash/Splash: 8", 16" Projection, 17", 18" Projection, 19" Projection, 18" Oriental China Trash

Pearl 2000 and 1000 Series with the 503 Racksystem

HiHat Pearl Eliminator H-2000
Pedal Pearl Eliminator double
Cable HiHat

BD Remo Powerstroke 3
SN Remo Ambassador coated
TT Remo Emperor clear/Evans G2
Res: Remo Diplomat clear
(changes according to sound requirements)

Hearsafe InEar System
Roland TD6 drumset (electronic)
Roland Triggerclamps für Bassdrum + Snare
PA System: Zeck Endstufe (1000W), 2x Electro Voice SH1502 Speakers.




white marine pearl finish

white gimlet finish

high end zildjian cymbals















earlier drumsets: washing powder packets, pillows, pots (1982-86)
  Aria Galaxie (1986-89)
  Tama Rockstar (1989-1991)
  Troyan Studio (1991-2002)


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